Server Info

Updated: Mar 27th 2022

The Lost Sanctum is a community based towny survival server with a twist. The server is based around our jobs system and custom ranks, where ranking up gives rewards! We also run bi-weekly events for everyone to take part in for special prizes! We have a dedicated staff team and in-house developers to help ensure your experience is as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, We love feedback!

Server IP:

Port: 25565

Version: 1.18.2

Voting Info

Updated: Feb 6th 2020

Vote Rewards (Per-Site)

  • $1,000
  • Will update w/ further rewards later (i.e. tokens/token shop)

Vote Party (Resets Daily)

  • Requires 21 Votes
  • Rewards are only given to those who contributed at least 1 vote
  • Gives all users who contributed a cake, 32 diamonds and $5,000

Top Monthly Voter

  • $25,000 Bonus

Other Rewards

  • Very first vote - $1,000 Bonus (One-Time)
  • Vote on every site - $5,000 Bonus (Recurring)
  • 49 Votes In A Week - $25,000 Bonus (Recurring)
  • 196 Lifetime - $50,000 Bonus (One-Time)
  • 420 Lifetime - $420,000 Bonus (One-Time)