The Era of Gods

Updated: Aug 31st 2020


In the beginning, there was Gaia.

She created all life, creatures, and civilizations. Upon the world, she clothed hills of stone in rich green grass and carpeted raw earth in forests. She made creatures that dwelt on the land and in the sea and watched with pleasure as they expanded and grew, forming cultures, cities, and worlds of their own. She watched with pleasure as the world grew beneath her.

Meanwhile, below the earth pulsed her own beating heart, growing beneath the isle. As the personification of the artifact and a channel for its power, Gaia’s strength, wealth, beauty, and power was tied to it eternally. If the artifact were to be damaged or stolen her body would slowly decay and rot until she had no power left and the world would be left in a state of permanent ruin.

In order to protect herself, she hid it deep beneath the overworld. Trying to protect her own creation and the world she had made. However, in time, she began to notice a greater threat. Her own children. Doitereon; the eternally burning god of the nether and Porphyrios; the slender dragon overlord of the end. The brothers fought for years in an attempt to gain her power.

Chapter 1: The Beginning Of The End

The brothers were both content to bask in their mother's love and the bounty of the worlds below. However, in time, the brothers began to want more, both seeking knowledge and creation to win their mother's blessing.

Porphyrios sought to tame the creatures of the sea, creating cities of ancient arts and cultures, seeking to find beauty in all places like his mother had taught him.

Doiterion built temples on land for his mother's creations to worship his image and strength. The brothers both sought only to be greater than the other and win their mother's love and respect, and as this competition grew fiercer, their envy and hatred for each other grew too.

The brothers both turned eyes to the artifact, bored of their creations, and each realizing that with the energy held within the artifact they could have the power to win Gaia's heart. In an attempt to locate the artifact the brothers began tearing the world apart, burning everything that came between them and their mother's undying love. After millennia of battle and searching by both deities, the land was stripped of all life Gaia had created and there was only destruction left in their wake.

Gaia was threatened by her children's attempt at attacking her safety and livelihood and finally put a stop to her children's squabbling. Gaia created realms for each of them; drawing energy from her core. Each reminiscent of their creations in her overworld, putting a temporary end to their destruction of her home and giving the world time to recover from attack but in doing so weakened herself more than ever before.

To be continued...