Server Rules

Updated: Feb 5th 2020

Below are the rules of the server, these rules; if applicable, are for on the server and discord, including voice chats. While on the server you can access the rules by doing /rules.

For more information regarding any rule, please ask a member of staff. If you see someone breaking the rules, be sure to report to a member of staff. All rules apply to staff members, and staff will receive the same punishments if found to be breaking rules.

  1. Be respectful to all players and staff.

    Being respectful to all players and staff includes while on the minecraft server in text chat and on the discord in text and voice chats. Essentially; Don’t be a dick.

  2. Do not grief other players or their builds.

    Griefing involves changing/damaging other player's property or their surroundings in the overworld. Note: While in the resource world any items that are placed/dropped can be stolen. This is not against the rules.

  3. If you abuse a bug/exploit you will be banned.

    If you know of a bug/exploit, report it to the staff team. If staff discover that you have used a bug to gain money, jobs levels, mcmmo levels or another advantage you will be banned.

  4. Using a hacked/modified client (X-Ray, Killaura, Fly, etc) is NOT allowed.

    This rule includes using ANY hacked client or external programs to gain an advantage while on our server. Note: Some mods such as minimaps/shaders ARE allowed. You can ask our staff about allowed mods.

  5. Harassing players (Stalking, Inappropriate messages, etc) is NOT allowed.

    If another player tells you to stop, you stop. This involves on the minecraft server as well as the discord and voice chats. We operate on a zero tolerance policy in regards to harassment.

  6. Do not destroy visible landscape (Big holes, flattening land and not using it, etc) in the main world (You may do this in other worlds). Punishment is based on the severity of the damage.

    On The Lost Sanctum we have a resource world. (You can access this by using /resource) This world gets reset at the start of every new month and is there to ensure that the overworld does not get destroyed by players trying to collect resources to level up jobs and mcmmo. By using the resource world it means that all new players are able to find a place to live when they join that hasn’t already been destroyed by others. If a staff member discovers that you have destroyed a large area in order to mine/collect resource you will be punished, lose all items from doing so and be relocated to the resource world.

  7. Do not talk about controversial/sensitive topics and no excessive use of foul language.

    Controversial topics implies discussing any topic that will knowingly offend or insult others. If you are caught doing so the staff team will ask you to stop. If after this point you continue you will be banned.

  8. Do not kill [New] players without their consent.

    Players with the [New] rank are only just beginning to understand how to play the server and use our permissions. If you are found to have stalked or killed a player with the [New] rank without their consent you will be given a temp-ban. If you continue after this to carry out this behaviour the staff team will issue a full ban.

  9. Staff have final say when it comes to rules/policies.

    If you think a rule/punishment is unfair, you may approach an admin/owner.

  10. Do not raid player structures or areas.

    Raiding includes taking another players items without their permission. Again, in the resource world this is not against the rules, however if you are found to have raided another player in the overworld you will be punished.

  11. Super farms (Like endermen farms) are not allowed.
  12. AFK farms, grinders, fishers, etc are not allowed. Staff have sole discretion on what is defined as an AFK farm, grinder and fishers.

    The staff definition of an AFK or Auto farm is a farm that will give the player a mcmmo, jobs or monetary boost without having to actually carry out the work for the job. The staff team have full discretion over if your farm can be under this definition of an afk or auto farm. If you are unsure, ask a member of staff.

  13. Paying players who are under the rank of journeyman is not allowed.

    You may trade items/blocks with them for services rendered.